"Do it with passion or not at all" - Rosa Nochette Carey

Beauty and magic. The simple kind that is all around, of which we fail to see.  As long as I can remember, I have spent my time seeking it and wanting to create my own.  To share my passion and striving to always leave things better than I find them.  

When people ask me, "What do you do for a living?",  "Flowers"  I say, smiling ear to ear.  The same smile I had as a child when my mother sent me to the garden for vegetables, watching my grandmother tend to her flowers, my father to the farm. Hands in the soil, one with the earth.

I learned floral design at Zuzu's Petals, a neighborhood flower shop in Brooklyn with a reputation of being one of New York City's elite.  Women, who just like me, loved flowers.  They showed me how to appreciate, respect and care for every bloom that passed through my hands.  I was encouraged to put myself into my flower arrangements, and all of my love. 

Being a farmer's daughter, my time in New York City had me longing for the simplicity and beauty of nature.  I returned home to Pennsylvania with a vision.  To create a business that allowed me to to grow a variety of flowers to incorporate in my designs.  Watching flowers from seed to bloom exudes endless inspiration.  I source from my garden and locally at every chance.

My designs allow flowers to be as they are.  Fresh and pure, while being naturally whimsical. I am inspired by the way foliage, herbs, branches and fruit compliment their identity.  I may place lavender in a bouquet for luck, or rosemary in a boutonniere for love.

Our team’s goal:  To have flowers be an expression of who you are.  Incorporating the colors you love and the shapes you gravitate towards. We strive to accomplish your vision and to make any wedding, event, delivery, or trip to the shop personal and special.  This was the magic I was meant to create. 

Thank you for visiting and please reach out for any additional information!